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The Gromminator

The Gromminator came to life in 2011. A large banner manufacturer expressed the need for a custom grommet machine.

Typically, they would print a beautiful banner, and then do the hems before bringing it to the grommet machine. In the process, they would drag the banner on the floor which would inevitably get it dirty and wrinkled. They envisioned a large table on which they could lay the banner and then, with a "portable grommeting gun", they would go around the table and "fire" in the grommets and washers without moving the banner.

We came up with the Eagle Mobile and to promote it, we created the Gromminator.

The Gromminator has been a part of Adfast ever since. He symbolizes action, speed, strength, efficiency, safety and futurism. This pretty much sums up what Adfast offers as the Leader in grommeting technology.