Adfast offers a complete line of grommet setting machinery

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The leader in grommeting technology

Adfast manufactures grommets and washers, as well as fully-automatic, manual-load and custom designed grommet machines and presses in Canada and the United States.

Compared to older generations of presses, Adfast's machines do not require hand-feeding; our engineers envisioned a machine that would not only feed washers and grommets as well as cut holes, but also set everything together with the simple activation of a foot switch. This naturally eliminates the risk of operator injury and simultaneously maximizes production efficiency.

Successfully converting an old EMF into a dual feeding grommeting machine served as inspiration to conceptualize and manufacture our very own Eagle model. This grommeting machine rapidly became the best in the industry, and still is. We have since developed a complete line of Eagle machines and offer the best solutions for all grommeting applications.